Advanced Parking Payment and Management System

Parking Solutions are specifically tailored to meet each requirement (Local Government Authority / Airports / Private Sector (shopping malls, etc..)) on a case-by-case basis. However, these typically include :

  • Parking Payment solutions ranging from Pre-Paid (Meter (including Cash, Mobile Wallet or card options) / Remote Mobile Wallet / Web to Post-Paid (Access control via ticket (pay-on-foot using cash , Mobile Wallet or Card prior to exit), Card / Mobile Wallet at exit boom, etc..
  • Parking Availability Management Solutions – assisting drivers to find parking more quickly and efficiently, and reduce traffic congestion. Other benefits of these solutions include lower fuel costs, reduced waiting times, and reduced carbon emissions. 
    • Parking Availability Information is typically provided to drivers via:
      • Street displays / Parking area displays / Web / Mobile app / sms
    • Parking Availability Information is typically sourced from:
      • On-Street: Primarily, Embedded sensors in parking bays (alternatively [less accurate] advanced CCTV analysis /and  Traffic authorities).  Social Media analysis can also provide some inputs.
      • Off-Street: Primarily, Embedded sensors overhead parking bays ( alternatively [less accurate] advanced CCTV analysis / Vehicle in & out counters).  
  • Parking Violation Management & Processing solutions.
  • Parking Management Solutions, including parking utilisation reporting and analysis, planning tools, revenue analysis etc.