Software Development

Altech Card Solutions (ACS) has developed a range of software applications such as credit, debit, loyalty, vouchers, e-purse and other value added services.

All software development done by ACS is in strict compliance with all International Banking Standards of EMV and conforming to PCI & P2PE standards.

ACS development staff has accumulated extensive expertise and understanding in the end to end processing of all types of transactions in a secure environment. ACS will provide assistance in the design and specification of development projects.

ACS has a software development team based in Johannesburg where all application software has been written to comply with global standards. The full range of Verifone MagIC hardware products have been developed by Verifone and have been manufactured to comply with international standards as well.

Security and speed are paramount to any financial transaction and this is why the MagIC range features Open&Sec technology. Verifone have pioneered the latest security architecture and this has been the result of years of expertise in the payment industry. The MagIC range offers high speed transactions as well as unrivalled flexibility of connection and communication without compromising security.

User friendliness is considered of paramount importance in the development of Verifone MagIC products. The Open&Sec platform, powered by two 32 bit processors, frees you to create applications making the most of the processing power at your disposal. With its Linux Operating System and USB connectivity, peripheral connection and application development has never been easier. The terminal installation could not be simpler. Configuration can be stored on a USB key and downloaded in seconds.