Terminal Security Key Injection

The Information Security Services (ISS) division performs the injection of DUKPT keys (Derived Unique Key Per Transaction) into a variety of EFTPOS devices on behalf of several Southern African banks in accordance with international standards and in compliance with the card association requirements. The benefit to our banking and switching customers is that they no longer have the need to operate and maintain their own internal trusted centre, thus dramatically reducing costs and operational effort.

Solution Overview

  • 7 Tier trusted centre
  • Comprehensive “all-in-one” solution
    • Preparation / repairs of EFTPOS devices
    • Software loading
    • Key injection
  • Fully Visa audited and approved trusted centre
  • ISO 27001 certified 
  • Dedicated injection stations
  • Capacity to handle in excess of 1000 devices per day
  • Comprehensive reporting based on customer requirements
  • Quick turn around times