Retail Payment Processing

Our retail payment processing solution assist multi-lane retailers with sophisticated payments authorization to reliable and securely process debit- and credit card transactions.

By interfacing with the Electronic Cash Register (ECR) it manages the communication with the PIN pad. This means that the ECR or POS application does not need to control peripheral devices that are used to collect customer input such as PIN pads.

Our solution performs all the necessary security functions and has sophisticated stand-in authorization capabilities.

Process the following cards on our solution:

  • Magnetic stripe debit and credit cards
  • EMV debit and credit cards
  • Corporate purchasing cards
  • Contactless chip cards
  • Prepaid or gift cards
  • Private label cards  
  • Fleet and fuel cards

As your payment processing gateway transactions are routed to South Africa current acquiring bank  for processing depending on your acquiring agreement.

Other transaction processing capabilities include the processing of non-financial transactions such as prepaid airtime and electricity requests.

Use our solution at your POS or at your self-service terminals/kiosks to accelerate growth and payment acceptance.