Reporting, reconciliation and settlement processing

Reporting, reconciliation, DATA extraction and settlement processing. To enable back-office processing, transactions are retrieved/normalized from our payment gateway on a regular basis and is optimized for post-transaction data processing services.


Our solution includes a number of standard reports to assist in making business decisions and enables the rapid creation of other reports to meet more specific needs. 


Reconciliation is performed between the POS system and our payment gateway and between the our payment gateway and the acquiring bank. Transactions are then marked off against those supplied in the POS transaction file or the bank mark-off file; and reports are provided indicating the results of this process. Likewise, reconciliation between our payment gateway and other external authorization entities is performed based on input files from these external entities.

Data extraction

Transaction activity data created using our back-off ice extract capabilities are extracted to files for use by other systems, for example CRM, loyalty systems and accounting system etc.


Our back-office provides a comprehensive settlement solution to perform settlement. In the settlement process our back-office processes the transactions and any imported transactional data, and applies the settlement and billing rules to the transactions. The output of the settlement process provides the input for the posting and payment processes, which in turn create the posting and payment files to be submitted to the acquiring bank to clear and settle the payments.