Fee per Form Submitted - Pre or Post Paid fee per Credit for each form Submitted

  • Provided for SME’s that do not require intervention, integration or development by MobileForms®
  • R4.90 per Credit. Payment per "Credit" [Standard Form = 1 Credit, Advanced Form = 2 Credits on submission] on a Pre or Post-paid platform. A Maximum of 2 Credits are charged per form submission, based on the advanced complexity of the features used to build the form.  
  • MobileForms® provides the Platform - Full Tool Kit – Plus Tutorials free for use, which enables the Administrator to design and build their own Forms and Reports, subject to registration of the entity on the Mobile Forms website. 
  • MobileForms® will register the client on their behalf to enable them to self-trial the Form Building Process, Free for a Trial period to create their own MobileForms®  https://www.mobileforms.co.za