Time Stamping

Time Stamp Server, part of the nCipher product line, enables organisations to verify the accuracy of time for digital records, similarly to signing and dating a paper document. Time Stamp Server is a network-attached, turn-key appliance that keeps accurate time and creates time stamps. Unlike software-based systems, in which administrators can easily manipulate time, Time Stamp Server keeps accurate timeand protects time stamping keys in tamper-resistant hardware; the time stamping component is validated for FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and Common Criteria EAL 4+. Time Stamp Server is easy to integrate with business applications to timestamp digitally signed documents, such as PDFs, and code, such as drivers and scripts.

Key Benefits:

  • Provides high-assurance hardwaresecurity
  • Seals data with origin and time 
  • Extends the validity verification period of digital signatures
  • Turns electronic records into stronger evidence
  • Prevents unwanted rejection of signed code
  • Certified and traceable time
  • Creates auditable chain to central time source 
  • Complies with FIPS and CommonCriteria

Dowload datasheet here.