Mobile Forms

MobileForms® provides the tools to design and build, branded bespoke forms and reports electronically, creating a replica of your company’s existing paper based forms. Then deploy these forms in the field using the free MobileForms® App; for data gathering, site monitoring aninstant submission and distribution via PDF and CSV to multiple entities, in a fraction of the time and conventional paper cost. 

MobileForms® has the capability to capture not only data, but also Signatures, Photographs, Sketches, GPS Locations, and Barcodes, etc. to facilitate the completion of Customer information, Building reports, Meter Readings, Surveys, Damage Reports, Proof of Delivery, and many more uses, as well the attachment of complex Spread sheets, Contracts, Agreements, Terms and Condition, and so the list goes on. 

MobileForms® dramatically transforms the Speed, Efficiency, Accuracy and Cost, of Information gathering, Data capturing and Reporting, both in the field and in the office, utilising the MobileForms® App on Smart phones and Tablet devices, eliminating the need for purpose made devices.

  • Standardised Forms and Reports of the company’s own proprietary design. 
  • All disciplines work on the same system whilst accessing respective forms according to permissions set by Admin, 
  • Work from home, in the field, at the office or at the customer.
  • All activities are live – providing faster interaction between the 
    • Service provider 
    • Representative and 
    • The customer.
  • No more Paper! 
  • Job backlogs are reduced and miscommunication, mistakes and inaccurate data collection is  eradicated.
  • Cloud based: No down time
  • Live reports on efficiencies and management lead to:
    • Better allocated resources which leads to 
    • Higher levels of job satisfaction, 
    • More of the field personnel’s time is spent productively in sales and prospecting 
    • Not filling out tedious paperwork.

The data gathered from the field is seamlessly converted into detailed reports and is delivered via CSV and PDF and MS Word files for integration into the entity’s ERP or CRM or Accounting system, (Syspro – SAP) thereby eliminating double data capture and radically increasing the efficiency and speed of delivery of the desired service.

The philosophy of MobileForms® is to provide a simple-to-use toolset enabling non-technical individuals to quickly and easily build mobile data capture/workforce solutions. 
Users can therefore with only introductory training and development experience begin to build and deploy solutions in minutes. 

MobileForms Administrator Dashboard is accessed via a website and unique login and provides the company with an up to the minute, real time notification and management of their sales, service and technical field staff.

A Practical Example of a PUSH Notification, otherwise known as a Job: 

  1. The call centre or office receives a call from a customer and a job card is created on the MobileForms Admin back end for either a Sales or Service or Technical field agent.
  2. The agent in the field receives a SMS to notify them of a Job in their inbox 
    • The Job is pre-populated with the client’s details and job instructions which ensures that the agent arrives at the customer knowing the nature of the inquiry and is prepared with the right information/solution/equipment and or spares. 
  3. Once the call is completed, the Job is signed off (digitally on the Smartphone or Tablet by the customer) and submitted instantly to admin
  4. This process feeds directly into the administration system without the need for double capturing and facilitates processing and invoicing which includes stock control, parts ordering, solution and product delivery.
  5. The Rep or Technician immediately moves on to servicing the next inquiry. 

MobileForms delivers an instant traceable process from call centre to sales rep or technician to customer to solution to processing to invoicing to stock reconciliation with verifiable email notifications at each step – All in a standardised format!! Ensuring the delivery of optimum customer service!

MobileForms has enabled the service provider to exceed customer expectations and deliver a positive brand experience due to the customer satisfaction with the speed and quality of the paperless process.

The background to MobileForms®.
ALTECH CARD SOLUTIONS, a division of ALTRON TMT (PTY) LTD, formed in 1993 and now firmly established as a leading player in the secure electronic transaction market.

  • Leading, multibillion-rand South African high technology group.
  • JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exchange) listed.
  • Offerings include design, development, convergence, manufacture, installation and distribution of telecommunications equipment, multi-media systems, IT Solutions, electronic components, cellular telephony and industrial electronic products. 

Altech Card Solutions has partnered with WorkMobile UK to provide MobileForms® in Southern Africa.                  
eSAY Solutions Ltd, who devised WorkMobile in the UK, are a leading, multi-award winning UK-based provider of Global Mobile Technology Solutions. With over 12 years’ experience. Their ability to create market-leading, disruptive technology, functionality and support - makes MobileForms® indispensable future technology.

MobileForms® is an ‘’off the shelf’’solution and is used to:

  • Capture off-site data via a mobile device - eliminating paper-based forms.
  • Customer Information
  • Site inspections
  • Meter Reading
  • Data gathering
  • Customer Surveys
  • Field based forms for reporting of any kind
  • On-site Service Reports
  • Industry Service Reports
  • Consumer Survey’s
  • Industry Survey’s
  • Product Survey’s
  • Driver Logs, Trip Sheets
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Applications – Membership – Finance – Approval, etc. 

MobileForms® is not only about data, but enables the capture of Signatures, Photographs, Barcodes, Sketches, GPS Positioning, Geo Locations, etc. to facilitate the completion of                 On-boarding forms, Surveys, Reports, Proof of Delivery, also the uploading of complex Spread sheets, Contracts with lengthy Clauses, etc. 
The MobileForms® App resides on smartphones and tablet devices, and is available on all existing mobile platforms, with NO costly upfront investment unless bespoke developments are required.
Once captured, the user presses SEND on the App on their phone or tablet and PDF, CSV and MS Word notifications are sent via email to whomever needs to be informed PLUS the data is delivered for integration into the entity’s admin system, eliminating the need for double capture and even allows for office interventions for approval or rejection before being integrated, as part of the process flow, if required.


Licenced fee per User – Unlimited Forms Submitted
FREE MobileForms App
To fill in the sample MobileForm yourself, download the FREE MobileForms App on your own Smartphone or Tablet: 
Fee per Form Submitted - Pre or Post Paid fee per Credit for each form Submitted
Provided for SME’s that do not require intervention, integration or development by MobileForms® R4.90 per Credit. Payment per "Credit" [Standard Form = 1 Credit, Advanced Form = 2 Credits on submission] on a Pre or Post-paid platform. A...